At CHERRY-SINGH INCORPORATED we have a fundamental grounding and experience in all areas of law, however we offer bespoke services in the following areas:

  • Attending to property due diligence investigations;
  • Checking, prepping and executing of deeds for registration;
  • Advising on and drafting of Notarial Tie Agreements and Property Consolidation, subdivision and partition transfers;
  • Advising on personal and praedial servitudes and drawing, execution and consequent registration of the applicable Notarial Agreements;
  • Advising on, drafting and registration of Antenuptial Contracts and Postnuptial Contracts;
  • Attending to notarial authentication of documents;
  • Advising on, negotiating and drafting of contracts for the acquisition and sale of immovable property, including commercial, residential and industrial property;
  • Attending to the registration of deceased and insolvent estate transfers, as well as general residential and commercial property transfers, including donations, exchange and rectification transfers;
  • Drawing of residential and commercial property bond documents and the consequent registration of same;
  • Advising on tax implications relating to property transactions;
  • Advising and the drafting and preparation of leases and preparing and attending to the registration of long term leases;
  • Advising and registration of security in respect of movable and immovable residential and commercial property transactions and in particular Covering Mortgage Bonds, Notarial Bonds, Surety Bonds, Indemnity Bonds;
  • Attending to the registration of bond cancellations and various applications as required in terms of the Deeds Registries Act;
  • Attending to litigation processes with specific focus on property related matters;
  • Advising renewable energy project companies and financiers on land related matters to enable financial close in terms of the Request for Proposal for the provision of renewable energy by independent power producers as issued by the Department of Energy.